The Founder of NKD Helped to Save Darlington Cricket Club

The founder of NKD, John Bates, is an avid cricket fan. Therefore, when his local team were desperate for sponsors, he decided that he would sponsor them. He thought that not only would this be a great way to help out some people who he has known for many years, but it would be a good way to make people more aware of the company. A win-win situation for both. Moreover, his frind will finally be able to do, thanks to this site:, today’s match prediction!

Where Does His Love for Cricket Come From?

His love for cricket came about thanks to his grandad, who sadly passed away in 2018. John’s family hails from Durham and his grandad was a huge fan of the Durham cricket team. He used to go watch them play whenever they were playing at home. In fact, he was a member of the cricket club and he went a ten year stretch without missing a single home game. To give you an idea as to just how much he loved watching them play, once he went to a match when he was as sick as a dog. He collapsed at the ground and spent the next three days in hospital. When asked about it, he would reply that he had no regrets about risking his life that day.

His grandad always wanted someone to go watch the cricket with him, but most of the family do not care for cricket and are avid football supporters instead. When he was twelve, John felt bad that nobody went with his grandad to watch the cricket, so he asked him if he could join him the next time that he went. His grandad was delighted and the first game that John went to watch was Durham against Essex.

John didn’t know much about cricket, but his grandad had a great day teaching him all about how the game is played and the different terminology that is used. Durham went on to win the match, which was an added bonus for his grandad. John enjoyed the match himself, but he mostly enjoyed seeing his grandad happy. Therefore, he told him that he would love to come watch the next one with him too. With each match, his love for cricket grew and he is now a huge fan of the sport.

In fact, he loves it so much that we all hope that we get him each Christmas for the Secret Santa that we do between us we know that he will be happy with any gift relating to cricket. 

One Day He Decides to Sponsor a Cricket Team

John lived in Darlington, Durham for ten years of his life and his son played for Darlington Cricket Club. Due to this, John was a member of the cricket club as he used to go and watch his son play at the weekend.

When they moved away, he still stayed in touch with some of his friends from the cricket club. One evening, he was talking to a friend who told him that Darlington Cricket Club wasn’t in a good financial state because they could not find anyone who was willing to sponsor them. As a matter of fact, the situation was so dire that he was told that the club was in danger of going bust.

This troubled John deeply as he really liked the cricket club and it would be a shame for all the cricket lovers in Darlington to lose a great place to play and watch cricket. Therefore, he told his friend that he would be more than willing to sponsor them.

Everyone associated with Darlington Cricket Club was ecstatic when they heard the great news because he had helped prevent them from going under. Nowadays, whenever he goes back to Darlington to visit friends, he is given a royal welcome at the cricket club.

Whenever we feel like taking the mickey out of him when at work, we call him the Saviour. He pretends that he doesn’t like it, but we are certain that he does.