NKD to Build New HTML 5 Website for Irish Online Casinos Clients

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Finding a top tech service to build your website is arduous these days. This is because of the astronomical rates and poor services of most technologies service providers. Recently, the NKD firm has been contracted to build a new HTML 5 website for Irish online casino clients as they were inspired by the website quality of an online casino news site they feature in betcare.net. They chose NKD due to their good services and affordable rates. This post will look at key features the new HTML 5 software will possess and how the owner of the company loves playing online casino games.

Key features of the New NKD HTML 5 Website for Irish Online Casino Clients

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NKD is in the process of building a new website for top Irish online casino clients. This website is expected to have great features and is proven to bring in more web traffic. Some excellent HTML 5 templates that casinos will love can be provided by the NKD agency. Top among the features is a fully responsive web design.

This casino website is expected to make users’ experience flexible and easy. The themes to be designed on the website will run seamlessly and smoothly. The web design will work amazingly on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. In addition, a fully integrated 24/7 support system will be provided for the website by NKD. It is a bad idea for an online casino to experience downtime as this will make them lose customers and money. Players are not that patient when they know a website is not working. However, with these technical support systems, online casinos can get back their downed websites in as quickly as two minutes.

Another crucial feature these HTML 5 websites will provide is an easy customization procedure. Online casinos regularly twerk their systems to make important changes, this feature will allow them to do so, without the presence of a support officer. The ability of your online casino website that ranks high on SEO is important. At NKD, a Seo-efficient website will be built to allow players to find the Irish online casino website easily.

These sites will also feature SSL protocol which means that they will be highly secure and encrypted websites having Certificate Authority issued by ssl.com

Finally, social media integration cannot be underrated in online marketing. All your business social media handles will be fully integrated on your website to make easy communication between customers on social media and yourself.

The Founder of NKD Loves Gambling at Online Casinos

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Although his company offers their expertise to various clients which include casinos, he is an ardent gambler of chance games. The founder of NKD agency loves betting on these games, specifically, casino games. His favorite casino games include keno, poker, blackjack, and baccarat. He has taken gambling has a chore he indulges in since when he was young.

Sometimes, he plays these games with his staff on the weekend. Last week, during the break period, he played online poker with his chief editor who defeated him. $2,500 was his total loss during the week. Fortunately for him, a few days ago, he played online roulette and won $5, 750. Aside from gambling being his hobby, he likes discovering new things in online casino games that can be used to develop new casino games software. Besides gambling per se, he is also an avid cricket fan and managed to save a club from financial ruin.

This article has been able to shed the light on key features of the new HTML 5 website that NKD wants to build for their new Irish online casino clients and how the founder loves playing casino games.