The mobile web

The web has changed – it’s grown…
or is that shrunk?

Historically, using the web on a mobile device has been limiting and sometimes frustrating. Issues such as the size of the screen, speed, lack of functionality and poor navigation have always hindered users. Also, the cost of producing mobile site variants has also led to a slow uptake of web sites being optimised for smaller mobile screens, as this meant you would need to produce expensive mobile apps for every different mobile ecosystem or produce separate versions of your site. Having several different versions of one site also causes a massive headache for managing the content and keeping consistency across multiple builds.

This is no longer the case and we’re entering a new exciting world where the mobile experience may become even more important than the desktop.

The future’s bright … if not a little smaller then anticipated.

We are now at a tipping point where over half of the UK population will own a smartphone from 2014, and viewing the statistics across all of the sites we manage, we see a steady increase in users viewing sites from mobiles and a steady decrease in users using desktops. This doesn’t mean desktops are going away and should be forgotten about, but what this does mean is that the mobile web has never been more important.

Our summary and conclusion …

The mobile web is still in its infancy and there are currently many different solutions to solve its various issues, ultimately we believe that simplicity will always win, the easiest to develop, the quickest to integrate to existing systems and most importantly the cleanest and fastest experience for the customer.